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Arianna Casadei Wedding Dress and Shoes

This Bride Is the Daughter of a Shoe Designer, So You Can Imagine What's Under Her Wedding Gown

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Casadei shoes — you know 'em? Worn by the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Ciara on the red carpet, the luxury footwear brand is fronted by Cesare Casadei, whose daughter, Arianna, works closely with him at the company. Arianna's now-husband Nicolò also works for Cesare, making Casadei a true family-run business.

When the pair celebrated their Summer nuptials in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy, Arianna knew what dress she would wear. "From the very beginning, I always dreamed about getting married in Elie Saab . . . At first, I didn't want to try on the dress I ended up picking. It was 'so me,' and I wanted something different for such an important occasion. But my dad really wanted to see it on, and once I [put it on], it was love at first sight," Arianna told Vogue of her strapless, embroidered design that fell to the floor.

Her custom bridal heels, on the other hand, were not revealed to her until the day of her wedding and featured surprising details like a heartwarming message on the sole: "Alla mia cucciola," which means, "To my darling girl." Not only that, they were the stars of the show, despite being hidden underneath her ivory lace and tulle skirt, complete with multiple ankle straps and crystal floral appliqués.

Arianna's jewelry was her something borrowed, a pair of earrings from her aunt's collection to wear on her special day. Ahead, scroll through gorgeous shots of Arianna's ensemble, and check out the silver metallic sandals she changed into for dancing. For natural reasons, it seems that two pairs of shoes were more crucial than a second dress for this bride. Hmm, we wonder why?

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