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Ashley Olsen's Prom Dress on eBay

Someone Is Selling Ashley Olsen's "Prom Dress" on eBay

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You guys, Ashley Olsen's "prom dress" is retailing for just $110 on eBay. Of course it's pre-owned, but the size four Marc Jacobs cocktail number looks to be in great condition. Neither the designer nor Ms. Olsen has confirmed this is the look Ashley wore to hit the dance floor. And, as Yahoo Style reports, Mary-Kate and Ashley were reportedly hosting Saturday Night Live the night of their prom in 2004. The description of the listing is as follows:

"Own A bit Of History Ashley Olsen's Prom Dress From High School, Worn Once . . . This is a gorgeous hand stitched dress in baby pink silk. It belonged to Ashley Olsen who at the time went to school with my daughter. I have been saving it all these years."

We do have a few further inquiries for the seller, we must admit. Like, how did you come by the dress? Why did Ashley give it to your daughter? And lastly, can we actually see a photo of Ashley in the dress? Read on to see a few different shots of the design in question, then click over to eBay and check out all the details.

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