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BaubleBar Jewelry Trends

The Woman Behind BaubleBar Reveals Exactly How They've Perfected the Jewelry We All Want to Shop

BaubleBar Jewelry Trends

When BaubleBar cofounder Daniella Yacobovsky sat down with POPSUGAR's style director Dana Avidan Cohn at POPSUGAR Play/Ground, it was easy to single her out from the other entrepreneurs on the Female Frontier panel. She didn't have any more fervor than the rest of the impressive women sitting before me — Nell Diamond of Hill House Home, Noria Morales and Sarah Robinson of The Wonder, and Lauren Bush Lauren of Feed all included — but she was wearing a pair of incredible earrings that looked like they could instantly become a trendy cult favorite (they were the BaubleBar x Montserrat New York Safety Pin Earrings, FYI). That's the type of statement jewelry affordable brand BaubleBar has become known for. Daniella spoke to the brand at Play/Ground:

"Whenever we see people interact with our product and our brand it brings us so much joy. It never gets old. No matter how large the scale and how big we get, there's something so amazing about being on the subway and seeing someone wear BaubleBar. I'm just like, 'Oh my God. LOVE your earrings!' Seriously, I actually do that. When [cofounder Amy Jain] and I travel, we'll actually go to a Nordstrom, and she'll legitimately hide behind a column and watch people shop and be like, 'Why'd you pick that necklace?' . . . There's something really incredible about hearing why people are choosing what they're choosing and about the events people are wearing them to. When you have a feel-good product that makes people feel happy to be wearing it, that's a really fun thing to be part of."

Daniella confirmed that she and her team really do read comments and listen to their customers, especially when it's related to a sellout item or a piece that's become part of the BaubleBar fandom:

"We test everything, and we are big believers in data. We're big believers that our community will tell us what it is they are looking for. We can use that and apply that to future products. The Alidia Ring is a great example. It's a crystal baguette band and the bestselling colorway we had was a blue ombré with different blues and purples that alternated around the band. So when we saw that that was our bestselling colorway, we actually applied it to a statement earring made out of raffia that we were introducing to the site. We decided that we were going to redye the raffia in the same blues and purples that we had in that band because it was definitely a set of colors that our community was really loving, and now that's a bestseller."

Aha! So that's how BaubleBar seems to re-create our favorite styles in slightly different silhouettes with each collection drop, altering the designs so that they feel different, but just as covetable as the pieces we've already amassed in our jewelry boxes. When you scroll, we'll show you exactly what jewelry Daniella's referring to and a few snapshots from her appearance at POPSUGAR Play/Ground.

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