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Best Pieces From Zara March 17, 2014

11 Pieces We Just Couldn't Pass Up at Zara

If you're into fashion, then you're probably into Zara. That's just what we've come to realize about our stylish friends and colleagues. So we make it a point of tuning into the retailer's latest offerings, oh, about every other day to make sure we're not missing anything major that's both majorly on trend AND majorly accessible.

This week, our search turned up a new crop of Spring dresses, heels we could hardly believe rang in at just $100, and the kind of cool-girl tops that would easily become the centerpiece of your girlfriends' brunch conversation — and the envy of everyone at the table. If you're looking to kick off your Spring shopping, look no further than the 11 best things to buy at Zara right now.

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