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Best Shorts to Wear Under Dresses

The Best Shorts to Wear Under Your Dresses and Skirts

Best Shorts to Wear Under Dresses
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Finding the best shorts to wear under dresses can be a hassle — and you thought just choosing the perfect dress was a mission in and of itself. But shopping for an event often involves purchasing the right undergarments, so knowing which shorts measure up (quite literally) is crucial. Especially during breezy transitional months, when the wind may sweep up your hemline, comfort and coverage are top of mind. Whether you're looking for casual bike shorts that can also be worn alone for running errands and hitting the gym or a specific type of shapewear, there are plenty of shorts to choose from that can be worn under dresses or skirts.

POPSUGAR reached out to major brands on the market — including Commando, Skims, Spanx, Wolford, Honeylove, and Los Angeles Apparel — to identify their top sellers in the under-shorts department. Then, we went the extra mile to curate a list of trustworthy pairings, so you know which outfit to team with our shoppable recommendations. Read up on how to determine the proper length, material, and color, then scroll through for inspiration.

Best Shorts For Under Dresses: Finding the Right Length

Keep a measuring tape on hand when purchasing shapewear. If you know which garment you'll be layering over the shorts, measure it to make sure it's around two inches longer than the shorts you're buying. Since clothing moves when you walk, consider the length of the shorts and how visible they'll be. (And if you don't care if people see the shorts under your dress, then that's OK, too.) Many designs feature a seamless finish around the leg, so you can take the DIY approach and trim as needed, depending on the hemline length you're going for.

Best Shorts For Under Dresses: Choosing the Best Material

The shorts material you choose depends on the dress or skirt you're layering under. Shopping for shorts that can be worn under a ribbed-knit fabric? Look for a cool, sweat-wicking material like nylon. If you're shopping for undershorts that will probably be quite visible, a cotton material usually offers an ideal amount of opaqueness. Search for antichafing and antipilling features when you're shopping for shorts, and follow the care instructions closely to avoid damaging the material.

Best Shorts For Under Dresses: Deciding the Right Color

When your shorts need to be nearly invisible — i.e., when stepping out in a sheer, naked dress — opt for shorts that mimic your skin tone. Buy multiple options in two to three different shades so you can find the best hue in person, and try them under different lighting scenarios (just be sure to read the brand's return policy before bulk ordering). Shopping for shorts that you want to repurpose as athletic shorts and wear to the gym? Select colors you're most comfortable in, though classic black is often a solid standby.

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