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Cute Spring Outfits 2019

Our Resident Style Expert Shares 3 No-Fail Spring Looks You'll Want in Your Closet ASAP

Plans this Spring? We have an outfit for that! Teaming up with Old Navy, our style expert is proving there's a trendy and flattering look no matter where you're heading this season.

Along with warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and blooming flowers on every corner, new clothes to add to your closet are an ultimate joy associated with Spring. With its brighter colors and playful silhouettes — not to mention shorter sleeves — Spring fashion is notoriously mood boosting. And this season, Old Navy is making us more excited than ever to dress up and get out there!

Keeping trends top of mind, we tapped our very own POPSUGAR style director, Dana Avidan Cohn, to help you effortlessly channel major Spring vibes in a versatile, flattering way. As we've seen on the runway, 2019 is a big year for color, and this season, the trend is especially prevalent. Dana's advice? "Give yourself the freedom to try something new. After all, wearing clothing with bright colors does wonders for your mood."

The freshest way to execute the color trend is through monochrome dressing, which Dana styled POPSUGAR editors in ahead. "Monochromatic dressing is really here to stay. We even just saw it on the Fall runways, so it’s something you can confidently invest in knowing it’s going to carry forward," Dana explained. "Instead of bold colors, opt for something a little bit softer this Spring. You may see a pop of lavender or a red, but it's not a harsh red; it's more of a lighter shade. The yellows as well have a hint of pastel in them, which looks really modern. In seasons past, we've seen all neutrals — white, cream, and ivory. But now, colors are making a huge comeback.”

This Spring, our senior living editor, Aviel Kanter, is in the market for comfortable, cute outfits for weekend exploring with her dog in her new Brooklyn neighborhood. Dana gave her an Old Navy look that checks all her boxes and then some. "White denim is always superfresh, and gingham is a nice marriage of print and solid because it's not an overt print. It's surprisingly easy to mix and match, and it's an evergreen trend that keeps getting reinvented by the silhouette," Dana said. "I especially like this top when it's tied in the front, which gives it an effortless vibe. It's just the easiest Spring piece, and the accessories keep it modern."

In addition to being trendy and chic, the versatility of these items speaks for itself. "If you're packing for a weekend trip or a getaway, it's so fun to wear a look like this because it's an outfit you can take with you then break apart throughout the weekend — mileage is key," Dana said. "Aviel can easily wear her straw hat with a bathing suit, and on the beach, she can wear her gingham shirt over a one-piece or with cutoffs."

This bold look, worn by Tembe Denton-Hurst, our associate beauty editor, is both polished and playful. It's also undeniably easy, making it the ideal day-to-night outfit. "Jumpsuits are a universally flattering option that look great on all body types. I personally love wearing jumpsuits, and I think they're so fun to style," Dana explained. "With a jumpsuit, you get the comfort of a trouser with the ease of a dress. You literally just put it on and go."

During this transitional time, Dana suggests layering a t-shirt underneath your jumpsuit or throwing a jacket on top of it. "I also love the idea of draping a sweater over your shoulders that picks up on the color of the jumpsuit," she added. "The jacket-over-the-shoulder look was something that a lot of girls were doing last season, and it's still happening, but this is sort of an update to that."

Another way to add interest to your Spring look is by incorporating a pop of color with your shoes. "Throwing on a fun pair of shoes in a different color from the rest of your solid-colored outfit looks really fresh and new," Dana said. "When mixing colors, I tend to pair cool colors together and warm colors together. So here, I put Tembe in a red jumpsuit with a marigold shoe, which really stands out. If it were a navy jumpsuit, a lavender shoe would look cute."

As a new mom, our senior style editor Amanda Murray is on the hunt for polished outfits for work that are flattering postbaby. Dana styled her in a single-hue midi dress that's not only versatile but also so now. "I love the buttons down the front of this dress. They're a small touch that make this piece feel very updated," Dana said. "The A-line shape is also really flattering, as is the length. This is a dress you can wear anywhere — work, weekend, even a family function."

But while Dana admitted Amanda's dress looks great solo, it's also supereasy to layer and accessorize, which is part of what makes it so fun. "I'm really into trying knits, jackets, and button-downs around the waist. I think it adds a little bit of dimension, and it's unexpected," Dana said. "Instead of tying them in the front though, now we're seeing them twisted to the side, giving the look more of a stylized touch."

Of all the Spring trends this year, Dana is most looking forward to injecting some color into her own closet — and she thinks Old Navy is the perfect place to start. "My own personal wardrobe is really tonal, so I'm excited to make purchases like these," she said. "The price is also right with these pieces, which makes branching out from your comfort zone more doable. These items are breathable, light, and easily styled — what more could you want?"

Credits: Photographer: Lauren Perlstein; Hair and Makeup: Damien Monzillo; Wardrobe Stylists: Dana Avidan Cohn and Katie Graner; Producer: Cassie Doyle