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Fashion Advice From My Grandmother

6 Timeless Style Rules I Learned From My Grandmother

Fashion Advice From My Grandmother

My grandmother is the most stylish woman I know. It is ultimately because of her that I work in fashion, it's because of her that I don't know how to get through the day without changing my clothing at least once (for better or for worse), and it is because of her that I'd rather spend my grocery money on shoes. All of that said, though, what she also taught me is that style is an innate feeling — a gene to be cultivated — and not synonymous with a price tag. While she introduced me to the Parisian runway icons, timeless greats, and wardrobe essentials that you will pass through familial generations, her lessons have made everyone who looks to her as mentor a five-star deal-finder as well.

It's true that I consider her closet my personal heaven and I could surely play dress-up with her vintage fashion collection for hours on end (and have definitely been known to do so on occasion . . . ), but it's her lessons on style, more so than the individual pieces that fill her apartment, that have stuck with me the most. And it is those tidbits of advice that I have taken with me into my own (decidedly less-impressive) closet. It's getting there, though.

Though my grandmother would more than welcome a lunch date on the subject of style with every reader of this article, I'm sharing my favorite tidbits and stylish life lessons from my personal fashion icon in a slightly more accessible forum ahead.

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