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Fitness Editors 2018 Fall Style

Our Fitness Editor's Closet Is Full of Sporty and Effortless Pieces For Fall

Always on the go and ready for anything, it's no surprise fitness editors are masters at dressing stylish yet comfortable. Teaming up with Kohl's, our fitness editor is sharing her secrets to casual-chic dressing this Fall.

As POPSUGAR's assistant fitness editor and a busy fitness influencer on the side, Tamara Pridgett needs her clothing to be stylish and polished but also comfortable and functional. "When I'm shopping for clothes, I always have to know what exactly it is that I want," she says. "Once I know that, it's all about the quality of the fabric. Then, it's about how comfortable the piece is and making sure that I won't be over it in a few weeks."

For someone who specifically looks for versatility, ease, and texture in her wardrobe, Tamara advises keeping it simple this Fall while staying true to yourself. "Don't overdo it, and don't wear or buy things just because they're trendy," she says. "There are a lot of trends that I like but at the same time aren't necessarily my style. At the end of the day, I'm going to wear and purchase things that look good on my body, make me look and feel my best, and can be worn over and over." Another important Fall tip Tamara lives by is dressing in layers. "Because Fall weather in New York can be unpredictable, it's important for me to feel like I'm prepared for anything," she says. "After many trial and errors, I've learned that layering is the secret to looking good in the Fall."

Tamara has curated her Fall wardrobe with quality pieces from Kohl's that keep her looking cool and fresh on the go. Check out her three must-have looks ahead!


"This outfit is definitely a run-errands-but-still-look-put-together" look," Tamara says. "I'd also wear it to catch up with friends or to the airport." As someone who values movability and versatility, Tamara is especially a fan of these sleek leggings. "I'm a sucker for leggings, and these are seriously one of the most comfortable pairs I've worn," she says. "Plus, the options for styling them are endless."

This jacket is another hero piece for Tamara, as she often relies on chic top-layers once temps start to drop. "Most mornings are cold, so it's always important to have a piece that will keep you warm," Tamara says. "Underneath that, you can go for a lightweight or medium-weight top."


As a sneakerhead, Tamara's favorite piece in this outfit is easily the wear-with-anything shoes. "I have an affinity for white sneakers," she admits. She also loves how laid-back and effortless this look is. "I do love to dress up and rock heels and a blazer, but there are times where I'd prefer to wear a cozy crew neck with sneakers," she says. "This look is a great option for someone who is busy but needs or wants to be comfy and cute. I'd wear it to work when I want to be a little more casual or to a fitness event. It's also a great outfit for the weekend."


For days when Tamara needs to be a bit dressier, an all-black base with playful extras are her go-to uniform. "I'm drawn to an outfit if it's comfortable and not too flashy but still makes me look put-together," she says. "I like this outfit because it has a sporty vibe to it." At the same time, the look is chic and easy to move in.

"The trench is cute, too," she says. "Trench coats are timeless and transitional. To pull a look together, I'll typically layer with a trench. If you're going to the office or out at night, a stylish duster coat or trench is a must." Instead of using a purse, Tamara switched it up with a polished backpack that packs major personality and is superpractical at the same time.

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