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Holiday Outfit Ideas For You and Your BFF

How to Stylishly Dress For Every Holiday Celebration With Your Bestie

No holiday outing is complete without your best friends! Teaming up with LOFT, we're showing how you and your BFFs can stylishly take on the season by each others' sides.

When your holiday party plus one is your BFF, showing up together is a given. But to really create an Instagrammable entrance, rock subtly complementary outfits for a statement only the two — or three — of you can make!

Whether you're both in monochrome, both in brights, or both looking fabulous in prints, let dressing up together be half the fun of your holiday festivities. Not only is it the perfect nod to your friendship, but you'll both effortlessly own the holiday event circuit with style and flair.

Below, find festive, complimentary looks for you and your best friends — no matter what seasonal activities you have planned!

Holiday Cocktails


The catch is to dress complimentary — not identical. So go ahead and give each of your outfits your own spin. If she's rocking tuxedo pants with black booties for cocktail hour, opt for chic ankle pants and black flats. We love the idea of a velvet bow belt, making it extra holiday-ready. Sweaters in neutral tones always pair well together, and with subtle embellishments and knit detailing, these versatile picks are both cozy and elevated — aka perfect for an evening soiree.

For an easy one-and-done look, throw on different jumpsuits or dresses and let your personalities shine through in the accessories you choose. From sparkly jewelry to poppy prints, the styling opportunities are endless!

Secret Santa Party


When attending a group gift exchange, the goal is to dress cozily yet with polish. Coordinate with your BFFs by choosing pieces in complementary color families — think rich creams, soft pinks, and light grays. While different, your looks will still work well together because they incorporate common colors throughout. For an even more cohesive look, try incorporating matching beanies or scarves, and prepare yourselves for all the fun photo ops!

Holiday Movie Binge-Watching


When snuggling up for a movie marathon, keep your outfit as soft and comfy as possible. For chic alternatives to a sweatsuit, opt for flattering cotton pants — hello, elastic waistband — and fuzzy sweaters in versatile tones of beige and gray. You and your pals will feel comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed, which is perfect for spontaneous ice cream runs!

Even though looking your best isn't necessary for a day of relaxation, you and your friends will have fun turning your binge session into a laid-back event complete with hot cocoa, takeout food, and facials. Plus, there's something about cute loungewear that makes a lazy day indoors feel glamorous and purposeful.

Shopping and Looking at Christmas Lights


A fun day of outdoor adventuring calls for practical yet stylish looks that are both warm and trendy. Coordinate with your girls in bright colors grounded by neutral splashes to ensure you can spot each other in the crowd. Keep toasty in soft beanies and berets paired with matching gloves, and make sure your shoes can withstand lots of walking around.

Try wearing various shades of gray along with poppy colors of your choice, making for cheerful ensembles that are vibrant and refreshing. Don't forget the little details, either — like pearlized studs, pom-poms, and embellished bows — as these small-but-mighty extras will make each outfit feel extra special and festive.

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