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How to Wash Lace Clothing In Washing Machine

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The lingerie trend was a huge hit on and off the runway this Fashion Week. We partnered with Tide Pods to share machine-washing tips for your lace fabrics.

From lace tights to lace skirts and pants, it's clear the delicate lingerie trend is dominating this season. We'll teach you how to keep each item clean and fresh!

Lace Tights and Hosiery

  1. Turn the tights inside out. This will reduce pilling and can also help to prolong the integrity of the delicate fabric and intricate design.
  2. Learn to love the laundry bag. Placing the tights in a laundry bag will protect the item from twisting or stretching, which is a leading cause of dreaded runs, tears, or snags.
  3. Always select gentle. Pick a detergent like Tide Pods Free and Gentle and set the washing machine to gentle.
  4. Use warm water. Hot water can reduce the elasticity of the tights, which can cause stretched and saggy hosiery — no one wants that!
  5. Hang or lay out to air-dry. Do not, we repeat, do not twist or wring the tights. This will cause runs, snags, and stretching. Either lay the tights out flat on a lint-free towel of similar color, drape them over your shower curtain or on a towel rod, or hang them up on a clothes hanger. Make sure that they are evenly hung so one leg doesn't stretch out further than the other.

Lace Skirts, Pants, and Tops

  1. Better safe than sorry. Make sure to check the tag on the garment for any special requirements before deciding to use the washing machine.
  2. Be sure to button any buttons, snap any snaps, or clasp any clasps before adding to the washer. This will help avoid having the fabric get caught on another garment or on the machine itself. Select the gentle cycle.
  3. Conserve energy and color! Choosing cold water is not only better for the environment, but it also helps to conserve the fragile fabric and color of the item.
  4. Shape and lay flat. If your top is structured, give it some shape when you lay it out to dry. If your item doesn't need much help maintaining its shape, place on a clothes hanger and let air-dry.

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