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How to Wear a Trench Coat For Spring

Prepare to Get Entrenched in a Classic Spring Style

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Every week, we bring you the best shoppable fashion and lifestyle stories from our partner Lifestyle Mirror. Today, we're sharing Taylor Davies's tips for rocking a classic trench coat.

Black-and-white images of Jacqueline Kennedy jet-setting through Paris and London in a trench coat have been imprinted on our minds as iconic moments of style. Same goes for Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, when she's searching for Cat in the rain. These women look modern, feminine, and confident, and these qualities have given those wardrobes — both real and fictional — timeless appeal. While we might not always be able to emanate as much grace and sophistication as Jackie or Audrey, the trench coat is one way we can channel their now-classic style.

Funny isn't it, that we think of these iconic American women when we think of the trench coat, but the outerwear has its roots in Britain. Its World War I-era origin is credited to two English brands, Aquascutum and, of course, Burberry. Today, both are still creating the beloved outerwear, and naturally, so are many others.

This season, Gucci offers up a trench-style coat in gold lamé, while Coach invites a spur-the-moment road trip with their cherry-red twill Getaway Trench. Whether you want to channel Ms. Golightly in a traditional gabardine Burberry coat or blaze your own stylish trail in an unexpected printed coat by Stella Jean, you'll weather Spring well in a trench coat.

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