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Jimmy Kimmel Fashion Week Video

You Don't Need to Know Much About Fashion to Know More Than These "Experts"

Ahh, Fashion Week. The semiannual festivity when we pile into crowded venues and pile our feet into all the more crowded heels. It's a small price to pay for the cost of admission. And it's all worth it when the stunning designs float down the runway from houses like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren . . . and Betsy Ross?

Yes, it's time for our favorite late-night comedy bit "Lie Witness News." We, after all, have nothing if not a sense of humor about the wacky, outlandish holiday the fashion community observes.

Jimmy Kimmel brought his crew to Lincoln Center to ask the really probing questions, like "You don't think it's too much? The stars with the stripes?" in regards to Ms. Ross's patriotic designs. Are you familiar with the work of Chandler Bing and Bartles & Jaymes? Well, you're about to be.

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