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POPSUGAR / presented by / POPSUGAR Collection at Kohl's

Clothes have the power to transform your look, lift your spirits, and project confidence — so shouldn't your clothing be just as versatile as your personality? When designing the new POPSUGAR Collection at KOHL's, our goal was to create basic pieces for the not-so-basic girl, because let's be real: blending in is overrated. From flattering crop tops in loads of colors to playful dresses in fresh prints, this carefully curated line has something for everyone — just ask our staffers!

From our resident fitness and beauty experts to our office coordinator, we tapped POPSUGAR staffers to style out some of their favorite looks from the collection. Click the yellow "Meet Me" stars below to get to know each woman as they serve double duty as Kohl's campaign models (they're in the commercial, store ads, and everything!), and learn what they love so much about the new collection. Whether it's the playful accents, optimistic vibe, preppy pieces, or impressive sizing inclusivity, it's easy to see why these are the clothes we live in, play in, and love in.
Casey describes her personal style as "a good mix of edgy and feminine, with a vintage twist," so it's no surprise that dressing up makes her feel like she can conquer the world. This season, she's especially loving statement coats and pretty much anything striped, but to satisfy her witty side, she can't resist the star-printed midi skirt from the POPSUGAR at Kohl's collection. "The cut is so modern, the pleats have a vintage feel, and it feels great on," she said. "I plan to pair it with one of the POPSUGAR at Kohl's collection's cozy gray sweaters this Fall, layer it under my favorite leather jacket, and add some studded ankle boots with a pair of sweet earrings."

Aside from the collection's variety of silhouettes, styles, and combinations, Casey is especially proud of how inclusive the sizing is. "I love that this collection is made for a wide variety of body types, and that the pieces are interchangeable to really play up your personal style — whatever that may be," she said. "I hope this collection inspires women of all sizes to feel beautiful, inside and out." As a champion of women, Casey believes clothes can — and should — be empowering for everyone. "Size inclusivity is so important, and I'm thrilled this line is full of pieces for every woman. This collection is telling every customer, 'You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are enough — exactly as you are!' And it's true!"
As a fitness editor and influencer, Tamara can usually be found at the gym — or at her grandma's house. She rarely dresses up, but when she does go glam, she prefers to pull out all the stops. Tamara says putting extra thought into her outfits gives her a confidence boost, and in a perfect world, she'd get to dress up more often. "My everyday style is comfortable with a mix of high and low pieces," she said. "If I didn't walk everywhere and work out in the morning, I'd probably always be in a heeled shoe with a cute handbag."

This season, Tamara's loving boots with everything and anything — including the olive green jumpsuit in the POPSUGAR at Kohl's collection. "It really stands out to me," she said. "I can definitely see that being a staple item in my closet for years to come." Tamara is looking forward to rocking the jumpsuit, along with the collection's crop tops and shirtdresses, at work and at play. Tamara is especially excited about the line's versatility and broad appeal. "I definitely think there's something for everyone in this collection," she said. "I love that it isn't for one specific type of woman. Someone who loves florals or has a minimal style will be able to find something they like."
As a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast, Carrie lives for stylish outerwear — especially trench coats. But while she has a thing for classic pieces, she also loves anything bold and bright. "My personal style is feminine and trend-forward with eclectic influences," she said. "I love mixing current trends with things I've pulled out of my grandma's closet, found in a thrift store, or held onto since high school."

With such a broad, eclectic style, Carrie loves how vast the POPSUGAR Collection at KOHL's. Since it's created with everyone from moms to Gen-Zers in mind, Carrie believes this line makes trends feel accessible and wearable no matter your style. "This collection is not only massive, but offers options in both casual and formal styles," she said. "I can see myself adding them into my wardrobe rotation everywhere. Versatility was clearly a top priority when creating these clothes. There are so many fabrics, patterns, silhouettes, and styles. I particularly love that the same patterns are used across different garments."

Carrie's favorite POPSUGAR Collection piece is the utility jumpsuit. "I love the denim version so much, but the army green is my personal favorite," she said. "Normally, a jumpsuit in this color might feel too much like a utility uniform, but the wide-leg pants and belted center make it feel stylish and wearable."

For Brittni, dressing up is about self-care. "When I look good, I feel like I'm taking care of myself," she said. "I would describe my personal style as Fall all of the time — if I can get away with wearing knits on an NYC Summer day!" Obsessed with layering and mixing fabrics, Brittni admittedly adores bold prints like polka dots and stripes, which is why she can't get enough of the patterned sweaters from the POPSUGAR Collection at KOHL's. She especially loves the black crew-neck sweater with the winking face, as it's "the perfect amount of cheekiness and sass." "For a workday, I'd style it just the way we did in the shoot with the red midi skirt," she said. "For the weekend, I'd toss the trench on with a pair of jeans and a clean pair of sneakers."

Brittni is confident anyone can find a piece that they love in this "extremely wearable" collection. "The collection exemplifies the fact that women can have it all: work, play, and everything in between," she said. "I see the collection as putting the 'fun' in 'functional.' WOW! Am I a dad yet?"
Shop the entire POPSUGAR Collection at KOHL's here to find even more stylish pieces.

Credit: Text: Kathleen Harper

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