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Shop a Stylish Back-to-School Wardrobe

How To Curate a Stylish Back-to-School Wardrobe That Actually Fits In Your Dorm Closet

Heading back to school? Not without a closet upgrade! Here, we've teamed up with H&M to help you craft the wardrobe of your dreams — tons of space not required.

When it comes to shopping, we're all for the more-is-more mentality, but when it comes to squeezing that excess supply of clothes into your new dorm closet? That's a code red! Heading back to school is the perfect opportunity for you to fine tune and carefully craft a wardrobe you're obsessed with. Here, we've curated the new Freshmen 15: a list 15 of stylish H&M Divided pieces that are easy to mix, match, and create endless ensembles — all without looking like you’re wearing the same pieces again and again.

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