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Singer Dianna Lopez

Singer Dianna Lopez Proves Comfortable Clothes Don't Have to Be Boring

When you're comfortable in your own skin, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. We've partnered with Cotton to highlight women who live with the confidence and comfort that comes with feeling good inside and out.

You've heard this one before: when you have to get on stage, picture the audience in their underwear. It should help you relax. Singer Dianna Lopez has flipped that advice on its head. Instead of imagining the audience in their underwear, she wears hers on stage — with a stylish twist of course. "My favorite clothes are cotton underwear and cotton tops," she explained. "They're literally my go-to outfit." Dianna loves to mix and match her basics, often layering a cotton bralette over a T-shirt. "If you ask my friends, it's kind of my thing," she admitted.

See, Dianna has taught herself tricks for staying comfortable both on and off stage. Her secret: embrace who you are. Even if that means wearing your underwear on top of your clothes.


Dianna creates dreamy music and surrounds the listener with stirring, soulful vocals. It's a minimal, pared-down sound. Just as her music allows for her natural talents to stand out, Dianna's preference for quality cotton basics helps her natural beauty take center stage. It amplifies her strength and moxie and keeps her cool. It's the perfect option for performing, since cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics like polyester and doesn't cling because it can't hold an electric charge. It won't pill and it never smells.

Dianna wasn't always so confident, though. When she thinks back to her first solo performance, she remembers second-guessing herself. "I had performed in front of people before, but this time was different because it was my own show," she said. The pressure was on. "Of course, the day of, I couldn't decide what to wear. I was super nervous because this was something I had never done before, and I knew I had to do it right," she said. Then, Dianna thought about her white cotton T-shirts and it just felt right. "I decided to try that on with my favorite blue jeans, and I realized that was all I needed to be OK," she recalled. "Suddenly, I remembered people were coming to see me sing, not my outfit. They were coming to support me on my journey and catch a vibe with my music," she added.

Feeling empowered to wear what makes her comfortable has translated to more confidence in her performance. "Quite frankly, I love my cotton tees. When I put them on I feel like myself again," she said. Dianna appreciates that they're comfy and simple, and can be paired with anything. She can contrast them with denim overalls and dress them up with interesting heels.

Now that she's found a way to be comfortable in her own skin, she's embracing who she is. "I don't have to overthink the scars on my back, or wonder if I'm showing too much skin," she said. Thanks to this newfound confidence, she maintains a refreshing attitude. "I just live in the present, without double-checking myself or comparing myself to someone else. I'm OK with knowing this is who I am."

Dianna's self-assured personality is reflected on her social media accounts. "In the house, I walk around in cotton panties and a cotton tee. If you look at my Instagram photos you'll see," she said. And it's true, Dianna's style proves that comfortable doesn't have to be boring. She styles cotton basics with unexpected results. "I could wear my cotton top with some leather pants, blue jeans, or a flowy skirt depending on the mood I'm in that day," she said, giving us some ideas for our own wardrobes.


Compared to that nervous first-time solo performer, Dianna feels like a different person. She's learned that a little fear is necessary for growth. While she sticks to comfy clothes, she likes pushing herself out of her overall comfort zone. "Now I love being uncomfortable, because it means I'm doing something different than what I'm used to, and I'm about to learn from the situation," she said.

Dianna is at peace with herself. "I say what I want, while being mindful of others' feelings, and do what I want, even if I have to do it alone," she said. She's not afraid to put herself out there anymore. "I just want to live my happiest life, comfortable in my own skin." With that attitude, we're confident she will.

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