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Tabitha Simmons Spring 2014 Shoes

It's Official: Only Cool Girls Wear Tabitha Simmons

As hard as we might try, "I'm with the band" is not a phrase many of us get to say too often. But Tabitha Simmons is helping us get about as close to rock star status as we'll ever get thanks to her new Spring 2014 collection. The designer's new cage pumps, buckled ankle boots, low-heeled brogues, and lace-up booties are getting some serious stage time thanks to a heart-pounding performance by drummer Meytal Cohen.

"The concept for the video campaign came to life through the rock 'n' roll edge of the collection," Simmons told us. "Once we chose the concept of a drummer, my husband and the director, Craig McDean, started scouting YouTube for the talent." And once they found said talent in Cohen, they put her in the line's four key styles — which mix feminine detailing with the hard edge of high-contrast black and white — and let her work her magic. The result? A high-octane look at some pretty cool kicks. Watch them in action, and then shop your favorite pair below.

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