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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Thoughtful Ways to Show Your BFF They're Your No. 1

No doubt about it, being your best friend deserves a few thoughtful tokens of your appreciation. We've partnered with Marc Jacobs Fragrances to show a few ways you can make ultimate friend status.

Being a best friend is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication, commitment, loyalty, and most importantly, love. If you're lucky enough to find someone who holds all these attributes and displays them day-in and day-out in your friendship, consider yourself #blessed. Since she's proved to you that she always has your back and is there for you, now's the time to repay her in a few thoughtful ways. Below are some touching gifts to show your bestie that you not only get her, but love her, too.


1. Luxe Eye Mask Why, you may ask, does your BFF deserve a silk eye mask? Because rest and relaxation are the ultimate luxury! Help her pamper herself with this chic addition to her nighttime routine. A little TLC never hurt anyone!

2. Chic Phone Case In this day and age, our phones are virtually an extension of ourselves. Your trendy, fashionable friend deserves a phone case that is as equally appealing. Enhance her aesthetic with a marble phone case that will give her all the heart eyes.

3. A New Signature Fragrance Prove just how much you know her with a new signature fragrance that is uniquely hers. The new Marc Jacobs Daisy Love is the perfect perfume to represent your youthful, feminine, and carefree friendship. The opening notes of crystallized cloudberries exude a sweetness that is just like her, while the cashmere musk dry down is representative of your warmth and kindness.


4. A Sentimental Ring A grownup version of your OG friendship bracelet, she'll think of you everyday when you give her a sweet and touching friendship ring. Here's a pro tip: get one for her and one for yourself!

5. Note Keeper A fancy notebook for all her thoughts, dreams, and to-do lists is just the type of gift to show your friend how much you believe in her and her #goals. Be her friend and her motivator!


6. Retro Shades The ultimate sign of a best friend? When you give her something she knows you really wanted for yourself, like a pair of retro pink sunglasses — it's the ultimate fashion sacrifice.

7. Trendy Slides We're just going to come right out and say it: if she doesn't want these fashionable pool slides, we'll take them! Helping her cross something off her wish list is the be-all and end-all of best friend moves.