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Tiffany Acevedo Nourishedbykale Interview

How Food, Friends, and Fashion Help This Wellness Influencer Achieve Her Dreams

Dream on! We've partnered with PUMA to share how one California-based influencer chases her dreams with the help of fashion, food, and good friends.

California: the land of matcha lattes, year-round sunshine, and big dreams. Where spending days at the beach is practically an obligation, and effortless cool is a way of life. This is where Tiffany Acevedo calls home.


You may recognize Tiffany as the always-smiling Instagrammer behind @nourishedbykale, known for her feed full of vibrant plates and clean recipes. She posts a healthy (no pun intended) mix of raw, homemade, and veggie-rich eats on the regular, but the true main event? Her toasts. Topped with innovative — not to mention, mouthwatering — iterations of avocado, locally sourced fruits, and fresh cheeses, putting things on bread is not something Tiffany takes lightly. (Just look at her #toastbae hashtag for proof!)

But if you want to know what else Tiffany is serious about, just spend a few more minutes scrolling through her photos. It doesn’t take long to see that when it comes to being herself (and doing so stylishly), she means business. Her captions are thoughtful and packed with personality, her #OOTDs mirror her undeniable exuberance, and her Instagram stories feel personal — an impressive balance considering her 178,000 follower count.

Instagram can easily feel oversaturated with negativity; you have to look the same — yet somehow better, too — than the next girl. Individuality is either shamed or celebrated, but Tiffany seems to opt for the latter. She radiates positivity, owning her style, and finding simple, unapologetic joy in food.

As a resident of San Diego, it's no surprise that all things Cali are infused into Tiffany's wardrobe. "I would describe my personal style as laid-back and SoCal inspired," she told POPSUGAR. "In general, I like having color and prints in my wardrobe, depending on the season!" This Fall in particular, leopard print and warm colors are her go-tos, both of which pair nicely with one of her wardrobe staples: a pair of white sneaker. "Sneakers are definitely a go-to for me — I think they go with anything! I’m all for comfort, and they help me feel my best. They're perfect for everyday wear here in San Diego!" Currently, you can find her sporting PUMA's new Cali Fashion sneakers, the perfect wear-with-anything pick for a restless, hungry (literally) California girl chasing her dreams.


In addition to her favorite PUMA sneakers, there are four other closet essentials Tiffany swears by: a perfect-fitting pair of mom jeans, a basic black bodysuit ("It's super flattering and can be dressed up or down!"), colorful midi dresses to wear out, and girly crop tops when she wants to feel dressed up and cute.

"Confidence is key in goal setting; sometimes the only thing stopping us from getting out there and making our dreams a reality is us standing in the way of ourselves."

We've all experienced that unique sense of confidence and power that comes with wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. This is a feeling Tiffany knows well. "It’s so important to feel good from the inside out," she said. "Confidence is key in goal setting; sometimes the only thing stopping us from getting out there and making our dreams a reality is us standing in the way of ourselves. For me, throwing on a cute outfit and expressing myself in that way [helps] me feel more confident. That energy projects itself!"

It's no surprise that the SoCal foodie has picked up valuable advice from fellow dreamers living in the sun-kissed locale. But the one tip she finds most important? Surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed and thrive, and leaning on them when you need to. “Allowing yourself to ask for help from your support system is so important — it’s something I’m constantly working on,” Tiffany said. “Asking for help isn’t a weakness, it’s smart."

Two key players in Tiffany's support system are her friends Lauren and Alia. Stylish California-based dreamers themselves, they're well-versed in helping their friends flourish and reach their goals. For Lauren, that's by way of communication: "Following up on your friends’ progress and offering to help in any way you can shows your support and lets them know you’re there." And for Alia? "[It's about] genuine encouragement and belief that my friends can achieve what they are passionate about and what they work so hard for."


"I’m most proud of being a part of an amazing community of people that are genuinely supportive of one another. Women supporting women."

On the subject of reaching goals, there's one accomplishment that Tiffany finds particularly poignant. "I’m most proud of being a part of an amazing community of people that are genuinely supportive of one another. Women supporting women," she said of the online community she's built with her peers and followers. "It’s a beautiful thing to cheer someone on, go through the ups and downs with them and watch them evolve." And what about the future? "It would be a dream to open a cafe someday! I’d love to create a place where everyone feels welcome to hang out and enjoy a meal made with the best ingredients — SoCal inspired, locally sourced, and organic with a seasonal menu!" Now, when can we get in line to try some of those Insta-famous toasts?

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Photographer: David Higgs; Art Director: Kelsey Quan; Producer: Jane Derryberry; Hair & Makeup Artists: Lavonne Anthony & Kendell Cotta; Wardrobe: Anna Schilling

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