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Transitional Clothing For Summer and Fall

You Won't Believe How Much Mileage You'll Get Out of These Pieces

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It's the best of times, it's the worst of times . . . to shop, that is. You see, the pieces we've been pining for all Summer are finally on sale, but when it comes to following through with a purchase, we can't help but feel a bit weary. Technically, there are only a couple of months left until Fall, and we can't rationalize buying pieces that might not get as much mileage as we'd hoped.

So that's why we're taking the smart approach and rounding up the deals that are most sensible. Below, we've found 13 transitional items we're superexcited to wear both now and later. And yes, everything's majorly discounted. So maybe we'll take back what we said before — when it comes to shopping, it's totally the best of times. Scroll down to see why.

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