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Types of Shoe Shapes

Footwear 101: Complete Glossary of Shoe Shapes

You wear them on your feet every day — that is unless you're Shailene Woodley — and whether they're classic or sexy, flat or sky-high, the shoes you choose say a lot about you. But what can you say for them?

Sure, you know you're wearing a lace-up menswear shoe, but would you be able to say if that shoe was a brogue, wingtip, or oxford? Trick question — it could be all three. Don't get stumped on the street the next time you're complimented on your footwear. Because much like the world of handbags, there's plenty to learn about these beloved accessories.

And while certain facts are hard-and-fast (we defy you to find a flat stiletto!) other rules are a bit trickier — ie: don't be alarmed if your Mary Jane's a flat rather than a heel; this pretty lady can be both! So, grab a pencil: you're about to get schooled on shoe shapes with our handy glossary.

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