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Urban Outfitters Selling Pizza

Urban Outfitters Will Soon Sell Pizza Because It Loves You and Wants You to Be Happy

Urban Outfitters really wants you to treat yo'self while you shop. The store, which has seen a dip in sales over the past few years, just made a major business move by purchasing the pizza chain Pizzeria Vetri, which will begin popping up in new and existing UO stores sometime in the near future.

Before you start questioning the company's thought process behind this new addition, don't. It's serving you pizza. While you shop. And also attempting to turn itself into more of a "lifestyle center" because — pshhh — regular old clothing stores? Bo-ring.

"We think retailing needs to become more experiential," Urban Outfitters' chief development officer, Dave Ziel, revealed to "I think there's a craving for real socialization beyond social media."


And, clearly, there's a craving for pizza as well. So far we're game — and currently counting down the days until we can finally buy a slice while we browse.

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