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Wag by Dogeared Dog Necklaces

Obsessed With Your Dog?

The piece: Wag by Dogeared Pug Gold-Dipped Necklace

The price: $58

Why we want it: My office is unusually full of unabashed dog moms: women so eager to whip out their phones and show you pics of their pups that you could lose an entire lunch break talking about nothing other than the four-legged creatures. I'm a member of the clan (with no fewer than 500 or so iPhone photos), and I know that sometimes you just ache to tell someone, anyone, how adorable your dog is. Thankfully, these sweet everyday necklaces let you keep your pup with you constantly, showing off your love without talking someone's ear off. Breeds range from pit bull to poodle, and we're featuring some of our favorites below.

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