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What Shoes Should I Wear at Coachella?

Don't Ruin Your Best Shoes at the Festival

Music festival season is upon us, and while you've probably picked your outfits down to every detail, you should hold off before you pack those pricey shoes you just got. Why? Because InStyle has picked five different styles of shoes you won't mind messing up during your festival fun.

Coachella is just around the corner, and if you're going, we'll bet that you're already thinking about what to wear. And while the weekend may be fun for you, it's certainly not so easy on your shoes. Scuffs, scratches, soaked in booze… all very real hazards while braving the bands, and certainly not something you want to expose your designer sandals to.

The key is to buy a pair of shoes that are cute but also inexpensive, and thereby designate them as your summer "I don't care what happens to them" footwear.

Head on over to InStyle to find the other four styles!

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