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Why Are People Wearing Orange Pins at the Oscars 2018?

All About the Orange Pins Some Stars Wore at the Oscars This Year

Why Are People Wearing Orange Pins at the Oscars 2018?

This year's award season has surely been one of a kind, as celebrities have used their fashion choices to take a stand against social issues. It all started when A-listers wore black on the Golden Globes red carpet to protest sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, and the trend continued as stars sported Time's Up pins to the SAG Awards and white roses to the Grammys.

But in light of the recent deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, the focus shifted from sexual harassment to gun safety at the Oscars. Some celebrities who attended the show attached orange-and-white American flag pins to their outfits to show support for Everytown For Gun Safety, a nonprofit that advocates for common-sense gun reform, People reported. Other stars also wore the black-and-white Time's Up pins that made an appearance on the red carpet earlier this award season. Read on for a look at the anti gun violence pins and a few celebrities who proudly wore them for the evening.

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