And Just Like That's Costume Designers Partner With ThredUp, Making a Serious Case For Secondhand Clothes

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For Sex and the City's highly anticipated next chapter, And Just Like That, costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago had big shoes to fill (and I'm not talking about Carrie Bradshaw's iconic blue Manolo Blahnik pumps). Yet, the duo remained focused on the job, not letting public pressure affect their delivery. As Molly told POPSUGAR, "I wasn't going to let some external judgements spoil my dream job and the fun that I was having and what we were trying to create after coming out of a pandemic, and we're still not fully out of it." Molly began her career by working with Patricia Field on the original series, and having cultivated relationships with many of the characters over the years, it's clear that she is the woman for the job. "I tried to just realize that we were going to move the show into the future."

The future in question doubles down on conscious shopping and sustainable fashion. During their costume design process, Molly and Danny pulled products from ThredUp, an online destination for high-quality secondhand clothes, shoes, and accessories. Secondhand and vintage clothes have always played a notable role in the duo's work, so it's no surprise that they turned to the resale platform for inspiration. The selected items were used throughout fittings during the show's taping, and were spotted in the costume closet.

"When I first started styling over 20 years ago, our only thrifting option was to scour the crowded racks of NYC consignment shops," Molly told ThredUP. "It's amazing to see how resale platforms like ThredUP have made it that much easier to source secondhand styles." It's possible some of these looks will be featured in upcoming episodes as Molly hinted, "For a show like And Just Like That, thrifting can help create a unique, high-low look that tells a powerful story for each of the characters."

Taking their love of the platform to the next level, the costume design duo also launched a shopping experience inspired by their styling. Thrifters everywhere will be able to shop hundreds of styles handpicked by Molly and Danny on ThredUp. The edit features three distinct closets for the statement makers, polished romantics, and the
laid-back power dressers (or the Carrie, the Charlotte, or the Miranda in all of us). There's something for everyone in the curation, and 100 percent of the proceeds from each closet will go to The Willie Garson Fund, an organization dedicated to connecting older kids in foster care to a permanent family.

"I believe fashion should be accessible and fun for everyone and reflect each person's individuality, and that's exactly what we hope to convey with this collaboration."

Explaining the significance of this collaboration, co-costume designer Danny told ThredUp, "My goal is to show consumers that it's not about dressing like a specific character, but really about being inspired by our work to identify your own personal style. I believe fashion should be accessible and fun for everyone and reflect each person's individuality, and that's exactly what we hope to convey with this collaboration. I'm proud that these ThredUP collections showcase stylish assortments across every price point and size. And yes, there are thrifted Manolos!"