The Back of Bella Hadid's Sexy White Button-Down Is All You Need to See

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Try as we might, none of us are immune to Summer's most widespread ailment creeping up (or shall we say dripping down) on us: Sweaty Back Syndrome. Causes of this ailment include excessively hot temperatures and nonbreathable clothing materials, and symptoms include unannounced droplets of sweat dripping down one's lower back, especially while outdoors. We thought there was no foreseeable cure to living a doomed life of perspiration — until Bella Hadid found it.

The model recently stepped out sporting a backless top that's like a sexier version of the classic white button-down. Her cropped shirt featured a buttoned front, bell sleeves, and a tie closure in the back. It sort of resembles a chicer version of an adult-size bib or apron, but hey, that's OK.

Bella kept the rest of her ensemble casual, pairing the backless shirt with low-waisted Off-White Levi's (check out that exposed zipper!) and Nike sneakers. Oh, and let's not forget those luscious hair extensions! This laid-back look further confirms Bella's ability to rock just about anything. Keep reading to see how Bella styled her sexy top along with inspired shirts you can shop right now.