The Cold-Weather Layering Secret One Fashion Editor Swears By

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When I got my first job as a fashion market assistant at a magazine in New York City, I discovered bodysuits — and I have never looked back. In fact, rarely does a day go by that my outfit doesn't include one in some way, shape, or form. During the cold Winter months, though, I love them even more than ever, counting them as the one secret cold-weather wardrobe essential that I will never, ever let go.

First things first, the ability of a bodysuit to make me look pulled together without my top ever untucking, bunching, or showing a panty line is undeniably priceless. Especially back in my assistant days, hauling the heaviest of couture pieces from rack to rack, on my knees to merchandise shoes, and standing on tip-toes in order to reach the top-most shelves in the fashion closet, there was never more of a need for an outfit that didn't budge an inch. Bodysuits it was. Since then, though, I still appreciate the stay-put nature of a bodysuit with everything from slouchy denim to elegant midi skirts alike.

What's more, when I want to layer up for the frigid weather that seems to have dropped on top of the East Coast of the country with fervor, a bodysuit will keep me warmer than ever, with little extra bulk. Whether I'm looking for a turtleneck to peek out from underneath a chunky knit, or simply an extra tank to add a little insulation to my slimmer top or sweater outfit of the day, my ode to the wardrobe essential is a long one.

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