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The Best Boob Tapes For All Busts

8 Boob Tapes That Work For All Busts, Shapes, and Sizes

The Best Boob Tapes For All Busts
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The season of backless tops and cutout dresses is upon us — and finding the right boob tape is a necessity. Skin-baring designs are as popular as ever, but the downside is that your favorite strapless bra may not always work for them. If you decide against going braless and freeing the nipple entirely, there's a handy invention you need ASAP. We're talking about breast-lift tape, which helps you comfortably and confidently step out in the cutout dress of your dreams.

Boob tape is a popular alternative to bras, because it can shape your breasts into your preferred form. The tape's strong adhesive holds your breasts in place, making it an essential for braless outfits. The ideal breast tape shouldn't irritate your skin or feel painful, but it might take several tries before you find "the one." Not sure how to use boob tape and where to find the best one on the market? Keep scrolling for all the need-to-know info, with expert advice from Victoria's Secret Chief Design Officer Janie Schaffer, who just helped launch the lingerie giant's new boob tape for the Bare collection.

How to Find the Right Boob Tape

Schaffer recommends starting with skin tone. "Body tape is meant to act as an extension of your skin, so choose tones that are complementary. If your tape were to accidentally show, you know at the very least that a tape is not so obvious," she says. Next, experiment with different tapes and the outfit you wish to wear. This will help you determine how seamlessly your top layers over the strip and whether you spy any wrinkles. This will also be a great test for the amount of support you require.

Does Boob Tape Work For Small Breasts?

A common misconception is that boob tape only works for large busts. In reality, breast tape can support other chest sizes, whether they match small, medium, large, or extra-large bras. "If used properly, it's a great essential for all different-size breasts," Schaffer says. "The most important thing to consider is placement, support, and the amount of coverage. It's all in understanding your proportions and utilizing the tape in a way that suits your needs."

What's the Best Boob Tape For Plus-Size Women?

For someone with a curvier shape, a boob tape with a stronger adhesive is preferable, as this can offer support and lift. Again, it's all about testing a range of products to find the most form-flattering option for you.

How to Apply Boob Tape

Apply boob tape on clean, dry skin that's free of lotion and skin-care products that contain alcohol or skin-irritating ingredients. Protect the areola and nipple with nonadhesive padding, such as cotton rounds or nursing pads. Apply the breast tape (which should easily stick to your skin), and tada — half the battle is won!

The removal process involves loosening the adhesive by massaging a cotton ball dipped in olive oil or Vaseline on the edge of and underneath the tape. A warm shower might do the trick. Once the tape is removed, be sure to rehydrate your skin with your go-to moisturizer.

How to Style Boob Tape

While it's best to only use it for special occasions to reduce the risk of potential skin damage, the best boob tape will help you achieve your desired look. Any top with a plunging neckline or revealing cutout — from a V-neck blouse to an open-front cardigan — will pair well with breast tape, as do open-back dresses and tops. Schaffer suggests employing the when-in-doubt mentality and opting for boob tape over a bra when it feels right: "Even when a bra can be worn, body tape offers a backless, line-less, strapless solution that can be customized for every wearer."

How to Wear Nipple Covers

Certain strapless or asymmetrical styles might call for nipple covers, which can be worn in addition to boob tape or on their own (see Lady Gaga's hot take on pasties at the 2022 Critics' Choice Awards). Nipple covers typically take up less surface area than boob tape, often covering only the areolas.

Ahead, shop the best boob tape for any occasion. We vetted each option to make sure they're effective, easy to apply, and as painless as possible to remove.

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