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These Gender-Neutral Sweatpants Are Stylish and So Soft

In Heavy Rotation: These Gender-Neutral Sweats That "Make Every Day Feel Like Sunday"

These Gender-Neutral Sweatpants Are Stylish and So Soft
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Wasilak

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Since receiving his Long Jambys in the mail, I'm surprised my partner Joey even takes them off to shower. This kid is obsessed with his new sweats, which were essentially created for the WFH lifestyle we are both now used to. I asked him why he prefers them over the other joggers in his drawer, and he told me it's because "they make every day feel like Sunday." I think that's his way of saying the fabric is extremely soft. Jambys are made from 95 percent MicroModal, which is a plant-based textile made from beechwood trees. Aside from this making for an extremely luxurious wearing experience, the design process also requires much less water than cotton does. (Side note: the packages Jambys come in are also fully recyclable and the shipping mailer is compostable as it's made out of corn!) Yep, you're looking at a company that keeps sustainable practices in mind, and that's just another reason why we love them.

When I received my own Long Jambys in purple and gray, I too fell in love with them. Joey and I prefer to style them simply with white tees, and we do hope we look like a '90s Gap ad if you couldn't already tell. Jambys have pockets, yet another thoughtful detail, which is especially important since they were created by two friends who realized just how badly they wished their boxers were equipped with pockets. The short Jambys came first, and now the site offers face masks and JamTees too. All the products are gender-neutral. As for fit, there are a wide range of sizes offered, from XS to XXL. I'm wearing the XS and Joey's in the L, for reference. If you think we're taking them off anytime soon, you're crazy. So forgive me if I forget to sign onto work tomorrow, because I feel relaxed enough to believe it's Sunday.

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