3 Angels Share the Victoria's Secret Items Their Families Are Always Asking For

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Being surrounded by three Victoria's Secret Angels on a Tuesday morning is a good start to anyone's day, but on Nov. 28, it was especially memorable. That night, the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show would finally air on TV. "I think it's just going to be the best and most exciting, exhilarating show the fans have ever seen," said Jasmine Tookes before the premiere.

Jasmine, along with Romee Strijd and Josephine Skriver, were stationed at a Victoria's Secret store in NYC to chat about the show and the label's first-ever designer collab with Balmain. The models looked well-rested (despite having walked in the actual show a week before in Shanghai), and as expected, each girl was rocking her favorite piece from the new Balmain line.

The collection dropped just in time for the holidays, and as I chatted with the Angels about that, they revealed the gifts their families are always asking for. Not surprisingly, the items were from Victoria's Secret. Because hey, if your daughter or granddaughter is a VS model, you should request free merch as a sign of support. Read on to see what Romee, Jasmine, and Josephine are gifting their families this season.

Josephine Skriver

"I love the cashmere sweaters, especially this season’s with words like 'Angel' and 'Dream.' They’re all so cuddly, warm, and soft! I got yelled at by my mom for not having two sweaters for her. She said, 'you wore this and you didn’t bring anything for me!' and I’m like, 'I’m sorry mom! I forgot!' She lives in cashmere sweaters, so I already know what’s on her Christmas list.”

Romee Strijd

"On my wish list is just to spend time with my family and boyfriend. I have to bring them all a piece from Victoria's Secret [during the holidays]. My family’s favorite is the Victoria's Secret pajamas. I always bring them that for Christmas, and we all wear the same ones and spend Christmas morning on the couch, eating breakfast in our PJs. It’s tradition."

Jasmine Tookes

"It’s definitely a lot of Victoria's Secret. This year, Victoria's Secret made shirts that have some of the Angels' faces on them, so I just stocked up on the Jasmine shirts and gave them out [to my family]. Like, 'here, throw it on!' I gave one to my boyfriend too and said, 'you better wear me.' My grandma loves it and anything from Victoria's Secret. The whole family [even] wore those cashmere sweaters to the [VSFS this year]."