Uplifting Jewelry Brands That Will Brighten Your Mood and Your Feed

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There's something about putting on a beautiful piece of jewelry that instantly brightens up our mood. If you're looking for new jewelry brands to add to your radar, we've compiled a list just for you. Over the past year, we've seen nostalgic pieces from our childhood making a comeback. Case in point? Beaded bracelets that remind us of the ones we used to make at camp and necklaces with smiley faces on them. One such label known for dreaming up charming pieces is Brinker and Eliza. The brand was started by mother-daughter duo Brinker and Eliza Higgins, who have been making jewelry together for years. If you're into a more classic look, Timeless Pearly's handmade jewelry fits the bill with its gorgeous pearl letter pendants.

While you may know Susan Alexandra for her whimsical beaded bags, trust us when we say you'll fall in love with the designer's baubles as well. The NYC-based designer has created some of the cutest earrings we've seen in a while. Ahead, we're listing a bunch of jewelry brands that will not only brighten up your mood but your feed as well. If you're hoping to snag a couple of pieces to add to your collection, you're in luck because we've shopped out some of our favorite selects as well. Keep scrolling to see the jewelry brands ahead.

Brinker and Eliza

About the Brand: Brinker and Eliza Higgins are the mother-daughter duo behind their namesake brand. They make everything from charm-covered barrettes to colorful earrings.


About the Brand: Shami is a jewelry brand created by twins Kelly and Mark Shami. The brand redefines classic styles like chain necklaces and custom nameplates.

Roxanne Assoulin

About the Brand: Roxanne Assoulin's rainbow pieces will no doubt make you smile. The designer is known for her beaded charm bracelets that are chic and cute.

Susan Alexandra

About the Brand: After breaking onto the scene with her whimsical beaded bags, Susan Alexandra has expanded in jewelry and her pieces are just as vibrant as her famous bags.

Jam + Rico

About the Brand: Lisette Ffolkes founded Jam + Rico as a way to creatively honor her Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage. Her earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are a bold, colorful depiction of her roots. Be sure to check out the Aruba Collection, which is inspired by the Caribbean sun.

Timeless Pearly

About the Brand: Timeless Pearly was created by Leslie Chetrit and its unique pieces are handcrafted from semi-precious stones and pearls. The brand shot to fame with its pearl letter pendants.

Irene Neuwirth

About the Brand: Irene Neuwirth is a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer who is known for her un-manufactured gem cuts that have been worn by celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross, Julianne Moore, and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name a few.

Serendipitous Project

About the Brand: Sydney Ziems founded Serendipitous Project to "provide an affordable and sustainable alternative for trendy jewelry." Every item is ethically sourced and inspired by classic art and nature.

Harwell Godfrey

About the Brand: Lauren Harwell Godfrey is the founder and designer of Harwell Godfrey. The stunning pieces are handcrafted in 18k gold with precious gemstones and vivid enamel.

Argento Vivo

About the Brand: Designed in NYC, Argento Vivo creates timeless jewelry pieces that are available at an affordable price point.

Sophie Ratner Fine Jewelry

About the Brand: Sophie Ratner is based on the idea "that fine jewelry is meant to be worn every day and in every setting." The designer uses ethically sourced 14-karat gold and conflict-free diamonds.

Third Crown

About the Brand: Third Crown is the brainchild of Kristin and Kofi Essel, a wife-and-husband team who glean inspiration from their architectural surroundings to create gender-neutral pieces. Beyoncé and Solange Knowles are big fans of their gold- and silver-plated brass designs, and so are we.

Zoë Chicco

About the Brand: Zoë Chicco's pieces are produced in house by a dedicated staff of artisans in Los Angeles. Jessica Alba, Giselle Bündchen, and Jennifer Lawrence are all fans of the jewelry brand.


About the Brand: Dannijo was started by sisters Danielle & Jodie and the brand is full of nostalgic baubles like these beaded ones.


About the Brand: Eliou is a contemporary jewelry brand that "carefully balancing the spirit of playfulness with modern design." All of the pieces are hand-crafted with natural materials, so no two pieces are alike!

Very Last Detail

Very Last Detail was created by family nurse practitioner turned jewelry entrepreneur Devenie R. While providing medical and mental health services to women in substance abuse facilities, the designer began gifting jewelry engraved with inspirational words to remind them of their strength.