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Best Jewelry Gifts to Buy For Yourself

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Everyone deserves a holiday gift! We've partnered with Swarovski to match you with a sparkly piece based on your good (or bad!) behavior.

It wouldn't be the holidays without being at least a little self-indulgent. But how much spoiling should you do? We thought it'd be fun to test just how well behaved you were in 2019 in order to match you with the sparkly gift you've earned. Whether you've been naughty or nice (or a little bit of both) this year, take the quiz ahead to find out where you land on the spectrum and the special something you deserve as a result.

Have You Been Naughty or Nice This Year?
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How often do yougive compliments toother people? All the time! Frequently, but onlyto my friends andfamily Sometimes, and onlywhen it's warranted Not often What do you do ifsomebody gives you agift you don't like? Say thanks and moveon Re-gift it Tell them you loveit Ask for a giftreceipt Have you ignored atext recently? Lol I ignore textsall the time Yes, but I'm bad attexting Maybe, but not onpurpose! Nope, I alwaysrespond What's your go-toemail sign-off? "Thanks." "Thanks so much!" "Best wishes" I don't do asign-off, I just putmy name What's your take ongossiping? I love spilling thetea I don't do it I only gossip ifit's somethingreally juicy It can beentertaining withcelebrities orpeople I don't know