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Best Reef Sandals For Summer

Consider Your Summer Style Dilemmas Solved With These Outfit Ideas

We've partnered with Reef to bring you the comfy, stylish, and versatile sandals that will make getting dressed a breeze.

It’s safe to say outfit anxiety hasn’t really been a thing for the past year — unless you count “I can’t remember if I already wore this sweatshirt twice this week.” But as the likelihood of a semi-normal summer increases, so does the potential for possible outfit crises. After all, when we’ve barely gotten dressed beyond a video conference call, how do we dress for a full day out and about? It would be funny if it weren’t so stressful!

To make things easy, we’ve solved a few common summer style conundrums ahead. Need to go straight to dinner without access to your closet? We got you. Want to head to the beach without looking like you’re heading to the beach? You’ve come to the right place. May your summer be full of all the outdoor fun and none of the outfit drama.

Dilemma: I want to look chic but feel comfortable for a full day in the sun

We all know footwear is everything when it comes to all-day comfort, so our solution? Build your outfit from the feet up. The Reef Cushion Sol Sandals in a neutral color like dark brown will not only help to keep you moving all day thanks to the cushioned, contoured footbed but will also look stylish and refined no matter how you style them. And speaking of styling, we'll let you in on a pro tip: the secret to feeling comfy but looking luxuriously chic lies in ribbed pieces. Opt for a ribbed tank and ribbed pants grounded in similar tones for a polished get-up, and don't forget a jacket!

Dilemma: I need to be water-ready for the beach but still want to look presentable

Whether you're picking up lunch on your way to the beach or heading to happy hour afterward, it's always smart to dress with versatility in mind — there is a thing as looking too casual, even at the sandwich shop! Build a base of water-friendly staples, like the quick-drying and durable Reef Water Vista Sandals and, of course, your swimsuit. From there, throw on a crisp shirtdress in lieu of a cover-up, a roomy woven tote, and sun accessories. Between the espadrille-inspired design of the sandals and the tailored fit of the dress, the finished effect is all sophistication and zero beach bum.

Dilemma: I have dinner plans and don’t have time to change first

A true testament of a day well spent is when a fun afternoon naturally progresses to a fun evening without you even realizing it and suddenly you're heading to dinner without time to refresh. If you know you'll be out until after dark, dressing in transitional pieces will ensure you won't look and feel out of place, no matter where the night takes you. Go for styles that combine comfy textures with clean lines — the end result is casual enough for day, and sleek enough for night. A pair of modern and stylish Reef Cushion Vista Hi Sandals worn with a belted linen romper and a couple of fun statement accessories will strike that perfect balance.