When It Comes to Styling Your Puffer Jacket, Ask Yourself: What Would Billie Eilish Do?

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I was recently at my parents' house, trying to decide whether it was time to bring my puffer jacket back to my apartment for everyday wear. (If you don't already use your childhood closet as extra storage space, get on that.) I found myself thinking, "What would Billie do?" Billie as in Billie Eilish, of course. Let me tell you, she would absolutely bring back her rainbow's worth of puffers and get to styling.

Some of the 17-year-old singer's coolest fashion moments have revolved around a puffer, albeit accessorized with Louis Vuitton and Gucci logos galore. I'm personally all about owning a look with casual edge when it gets cold, but I must say I'm sick of just throwing on a bomber with workout leggings and high-tops. Billie has given us so many ways to breathe new life into our outerwear, and it'd be a shame to let her brilliant ideas live alone on her Instagram feed, without taking a tip from the mastermind.

Billie tends to dress in a monochrome palette from head to toe, so a lot of her Fall-friendly outfits may seem like layers and layers of color. If that's not for you, take note of the specific pieces Billie pairs up and make your puffer your new best friend. Oh, and if you still need to purchase one, we've got you covered too, right after the jump.

Billie Eilish's Black Puffer Jacket

Wear yours over a logo sweater and accent the look with a lime bucket hat and sneakers.

BIllie Eilish's Yellow Puffer Jacket

Capitalize on the mustard and brown color palette and add a neutral striped shirt or flash of Louis Vuitton.

Billie Eilish's Lime Green Puffer Jacket

Go for monochrome and layer on neon sweats and socks with your chunky sneakers and retro shades.

BIllie Eilish's Orange Puffer Jacket

Ever tried a puffer jacket worn off the shoulders with a puffer vest? That's the miracle Billie combination we all know and love.

Billie Eilish's Metallic Puffer Jacket

Wear it over a neutral utility jumpsuit or co-ords with white sneakers.

Billie Eilish's The North Face Puffer Jacket

Go for mask sunglasses and nylon track pants — essentially like you're about to hop on the ski lift — then add street style edge with a gold chain, hoops, and cropped sweater.

Billie Eilish's Camouflage Puffer Jacket

Go for a very 2000s look that Britney Spears would be proud of and invest in that rhinestone denim baseball cap.

Billie Eillish's Graffiti Puffer Jacket

Mix sloppy prints, or wear the same busy pattern from head to toe, and cap it off with dark sunglasses.

Billie Eilish's Long Black Puffer Coat
Getty | Marc Piasecki

Billie Eilish's Long Black Puffer Coat

Show just a sliver of skin with long leisure shorts, high socks, and high-top sneakers.

Billie Eilish's Cropped Puffer Coat
Getty | Mark Sagliocco

Billie Eilish's Cropped Puffer Coat

We may not all have the Chanel bling to go with it, but try investing in a cropped puffer coat and styling it with trendy, contrast-stitch cargos and sneakers.

Billie Eilish's Reversible Puffer Coat
Getty | Rob Kim

Billie Eilish's Reversible Puffer Coat

Rock a slouchy yellow jumper with simple white sneakers and a white turtleneck underneath.

Billie Eilish's Reversible Puffer Coat
Getty | Allen Berezovsky

Billie Eilish's Reversible Puffer Coat

Play up the opposite side of your puffer with matching sneakers and a headband that highlights the interior.

Billie Eilish's Black Puffer Coat and Vest

Revamp the signature Billie "puffer-on-puffer" and style it with checked shorts and chunky combat boots.