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Cardi B and Offset's Style Rule For Coordinating Outfits

Cardi B and Offset Have a Red Carpet Style Rule Every Couple Should Follow

Cardi B and Offset's Style Rule For Coordinating Outfits
Image Source: Vogue / Corey Tenold

I was so excited to see Cardi B kick off Vogue's Forces of Fashion panel, discussing her relationship to the fashion world and greatest successes on stage with creative director Sally Singer. Cardi arrived in a Spring 2020 Sally LaPointe suit — straight off the runway, mind you — exhibiting her natural ability to pull off the latest trends. This half-and-half, two-tone leather look is not going anywhere, trust me.

Cardi touched on politics — elaborating on her support of Bernie Sanders — dressing her daughter, collaborating with Fashion Nova, getting invited to Paris Fashion Week, and working with her stylist, Kollin Carter. But then she finished with the good stuff. Cardi gave us insight as to how she coordinates for the red carpet with husband Offset:

"His style is real hypebeast. It's good hypebeast, but sometimes we disagree on certain things. We be going at each other because sometimes it's like, who dressed better? It's been getting a little intense but when an outfit is really good we give each other so many compliments. We're each other's biggest fans. And when it comes to the red carpet, there have been certain times that we don't know, [don't] communicate with each other, so when we're together on the red carpet the outfits don't look good. We started speaking more about it, like, 'Hey, if I'm going to wear an extravagant outfit you should be really cut clean.' If he's going real extra, I'll go real clean," Cardi explained.

There's photographic evidence that this is true. Ahead, I rounded up some of Cardi and Offset's best fashion moments. It's probably fair to say that Cardi usually wins when it comes to nabbing the spotlight. But is she passionate enough about her style to create her own namesake brand?

"If I ever do that, it will have to be at a certain point in my music career where I don't have to prove myself. Rihanna is at the point of her career that she doesn't have to release music. She already proved herself and put her time in, as well as Kanye. When it comes to designing, it's not a three day, four day thing. You really have to be there every single day, making sure that everything is going fine. Nobody does the work better than you, so you have to be there." Well, until she feels she's ready, we'll just have these over-the-top ensembles to reminisce about.

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