The Most Indulgent Loungewear That Always Makes Me Happy

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This is an appreciation of the indulgent, to be sure. But, if you're looking for that one purchase that is nearly as good as a therapy session, this is the one. It's a cozy and elegant loungewear trend that will always make you feel at peace, the retail therapy takeaway that will forever keep on giving, and that one item in your wardrobe that feels just the right amount of extravagance. It might just be time to shop for a pair of cashmere joggers.

I thought about my first pair of cashmere joggers for about six months before deciding that yes, I really did deserve the splurge. It was a holiday gift to myself a few years ago and let it be known that, since then, I have bought two other friends for them to hang out with while they're not in use.

I have loved my beloved bottoms ever since that day I first slipped into them, but I was reminded a few weeks ago quite how sumptuous it feels to slip into something made of cashmere that, on most occasions, falls into the "activewear" category. Katie Holmes had just been photographed in a two-piece cashmere set from Khaite that consisted of a cardigan and a matching bralette. That's right: a bralette. That piece of lingerie that certainly has no need to be knit of the softest material your chest has ever felt, but it is constructed of it, nonetheless. All in the name of a little whimsical excess.

When you're looking for that giant hug in an outfit, you'd better believe that a pair of cashmere joggers makes you smile a hundred times faster than their cotton counterpart. If it's a pair of sweats that you can walk the dog in and still look pulled together, this sweater for your legs does just the trick. And, come colder weather, if you're simply in the market for a one-and-done piece of loungewear that will keep you toasty warm, look no further.

While the prices are certainly higher than your traditional flannel PJ set, find my favorite cashmere joggers below, at a range of costs to suit all those who are looking for a little indulgent style.


My indulgence-of-choice might be cashmere joggers, but let's just take a second to appreciate this perfect example of luxe knit elegance in another form.