78 Ways to Style a Black Sweater — Plus, Shop Our Favorites For $37 or Less

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I'm a black-sweater addict. Turtlenecks? Live for them. Mock-necks? A modern favorite. Crews and v-necks? Obviously. Oversize?! My go-to with slip skirts! Fitted? Essential for layering. Puffy-sleeved? The best for trendy looks! See? I wasn't exaggerating when I said "addict." Despite having a rather robust assortment of black sweaters, I'm always after new affordable styles to keep my lineup fresh, and lucky for me, the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl's is filled with versatile black sweaters from classic to trendy, all for $37 or less.

From a solid turtleneck to the cutest speckled puffy-sleeved crewneck and a striped situation I'm super into for French-girl-inspired style, these superaffordable black sweaters are exactly what I crave in cold weather. When I am in the mood for a jeans-and-sweater outfit but want to kick the simple combo up a notch, a voluminous-sleeved knit is all I need. When I'm layering up on the coldest days, the fitted mock-neck is my jam under dresses, lower-cut sweaters, and button-down shirts. When I'm feeling feminine, the puffy-sleeved mock-neck style is an adorable option with skirts, especially printed styles to balance them out.

Ahead, shop my favorite under-$50 black sweaters from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl's. Then, keep scrolling for 78 outfit ideas inspired by the street style set.

Scroll Through For Tons of Black Sweater Outfit Ideas!
Getty | Daniel Zuchnik

Scroll Through For Tons of Black Sweater Outfit Ideas!