Christian Siriano Designed a "Vote" Dress, and Celebrities Are Already Wearing It

Christian Siriano's powerful "vote" dress from his spring '21 collection has already found its way onto a celebrity. Actress and activist Julianne Moore wore the stunning creation while standing next to a pool.

The designer is certainly not shy when it comes to making political statements, and we love that he put out an important reminder to get out the vote with his latest collection. We wouldn't be shocked to see more celebrities wearing this memorable full-length black gown with the word "vote" written all over it before the November election.

When I interviewed the designer, I learned that it was actually the first piece he designed for this new collection. "It was actually some of the first things we made. I really want to do something that's powerful on the runway that people will be able to repost that image over and over again. I think that sometimes you have to put it in people's face to get it across. I think by [creating] a very graphic dress, it did that. At least, I hope it did. I think it got the reaction that I wanted."

Keep reading to have a closer look at Julianne wearing the dress, as well as to see the dress on the runway.

Julianne Moore Wearing Christian Siriano's Vote Dress