"Cool Ranch Clemons" Takes Home the Gold — See Christina Clemons's Custom Doritos Earrings

Some athletes only dream of making it to the Olympics, but track star Christina Clemons qualified after completing the final 100-meter hurdle trials race in Oregon, all while supporting one of her favorite snacks: Cool Ranch Doritos. "I made the Olympic team wearing a bag of @Doritos on my ears. Twitter, I need y'all to do your thing! We need to blow Doritos mentions UP 🙌🏾😂," she tweeted after the race, referring to her old-school-style accessory. Just a few weeks later, on July 12, the chip brand surprised Christina with a new pair of golden Cool Ranch Dorito earrings and honored her with a nickname made to stick like dip on chips.

"Now I'm OFFICIALLY Cool Ranch Clemons. Thank you @Doritos for making it official!" Christina captioned an Instagram post on Monday. Shortly after she qualified for the Olympics, Doritos also sent the athlete two bags of Cool Ranch Doritos with her photo on the packaging and a sweet message of support. "CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINA. It's truly inspiring to see what you've accomplished," the brand wrote. "From a college track star to your upcoming adventure, your ambition has never settled. Always pushing yourself to ANOTHER LEVEL. We'll be cheering you on with the millions of other fans you've inspired."

OK, we know getting on the Wheaties box is one of the highest food-related accolades an athlete can aspire to, but being on your own bag of Doritos and receiving a custom pair of golden earrings shaped like one of your favorite snacks? That's the dream. Check out Christina's new chip-inspired accessory here.