If You’re Into Classiccore, These Are the Staples to Have Your Eye On

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There's something about clean lines and tailored fits that never reaches stale status, hence the "classicore" movement. Of all the "cores," this is the one that legitimately never goes out of style, thanks to the timelessness of every piece that makes up the trendy aesthetic. But, like any updated version of a classic design, it's all about mixing in a few choice unique elements.

Think: button-down shirts in bright colors designed to fit oh-so-slouchy and pleated trousers worn as a suit with sneakers and a tee shirt to garner more relaxed vibes instantly. Pastel colors are another fun way to channel classic style. When the mood calls for more low-key pieces, chinos are the way to nail it, especially with a cutie cardigan draped across your shoulders. And of course, we can't talk classics without mentioning blazers. From boxy and oversize to more trim fits, it's the smartest layer with literally everything, including dresses, jeans, shorts, and, of course, matching suit pants.

If you're picking up what we're putting down on the classics front, keep scrolling for five wardrobe staples complete with outfit pairings to master the aesthetic this spring and, well, forever.