We All Have Feels About Putting on Jeans Right Now — These Are Demi Lovato's

Demi Lovato caught herself wearing jeans for the first time in months after what appears to be a chaotic dress-up session in her bedroom. Please raise your hand if you can relate to that sentence. Yeah, that's right, every single one of us. When Demi did decide on her outfit, however — consisting of high-rise acid-wash jeans, a long-sleeved flame crop top, dangling heart earrings, and cherry red sunglasses with translucent lenses — she looked great. Like, way better than I do after throwing half my closet across the room. (And yes, this does still happen in quarantine, even when we may not all have someone or something to dress for.)

Demi proceeded to take a snap of her denim and post it on her IGS: "Wearing jeans...WHO AM I?!!?" I felt the same way that one time I put them on a few weeks back, because jeans are definitely a little more restricting, and reveling in cozy moments is just what's up right now. There's totally nothing wrong with that. But if you do like the way you look and feel in jeans, there's also no shame in putting them on when you feel like a confidence boost. After all, so many of Demi's followers chimed in with their support. "FACETIME ME ASAP," her photographer Angelo Kritikos wrote. "Ima go nap now - ily don't hate me but we can reshoot this lewk later," Demi hilariously assured him.