Emma Chamberlain's Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Make Me Feel Cool, and I'm Not Even Wearing Them

Crap Eyewear
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The piece: Emma Chamberlain x Crap Eyewear The Star Child Sunglasses

The price: $75

Why I want it: For years I shopped for sunglasses that had a long shelf life — expensive designer lenses that wouldn't get old because their styles were classic. Sunglasses belonged on the short list of things I splurged on, and I wore the same pair for years. But why shouldn't I experiment with trends, colors, or fun shapes at a fair price point? Especially when YouTuber Emma Chamberlain has created such funky designs, all of which retail for under $100. I honestly think I'd feel like Penny Lane in this tinted star-shaped design, but The Prima Donna, dazzling in blue, and The Oliver, named after Emma's cat, make my smile stretch just as wide. Emma's bright, quirky aesthetic mirrors my own, so I'm not sure why I've never ventured over into the wild sunglasses camp — that is, until now. Now, I realize that's right where I belong.

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