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Fresh Fall Layering Tips Brought to You by Our Style Expert.

These Easy, Affordable Pieces Are the Coolest Way to Layer Up For Fall, According to Our Resident Style Expert

Experimenting with layers is one of the things we love most about Fall fashion. Teaming up with POPSUGAR Collection at Kohl's, we’re proving how easy it is to elevate your Autumn wardrobe with key layering essentials.

While layering is easily one of the most effective and coolest ways to switch up your wardrobe for Fall, truly mastering the technique is an art. After all, it’s not solely about throwing a jacket on when you’re cold — just ask our Executive Style Director and resident fashion expert, Dana Avidan Cohn. For Dana, layers tell a story, and they’re even better when worn in unexpected ways.

We picked Dana's brain about all things layers; how to wear them in 2019, which pieces are essential, and what tricks she’s constantly relying on. Check out her advice ahead and discover the layer-happy trends we’ve all been obsessing over this season.