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Going Out Outfit Ideas

New Life Stage or Regular Night Out, These Glam Outfits Are Worth a Celebration

New social schedule, new wardrobe! We've partnered with Lauren Ralph Lauren to show how one woman is rediscovering herself and her style as she embarks on a new life stage.

We're stating the obvious when we say that different life stages require different wardrobes, but nowhere is this more true than in motherhood. Moms, you can relate: think of all those new pieces you bought for pregnancy and then new motherhood. But what about that often-overlooked stage when your kids are finally on their own and out of the house? Have you ever thought about adapting your wardrobe for that?

This is the question that's been on Cindy Waller's mind lately. With two daughters who are now either graduated from college or in college, she's entered a new phase of motherhood, one with plenty more time on her hands to do as she pleases. For Cindy, that means reconnecting with her loved ones and filling up her social calendar with fun outings. "Now that our kids are adults and on their own, I'm excited to rediscover who I am and spend more time with my husband and friends," she shared. While frequent girls' trips and couples' dinners are on the docket, so is attending more formal corporate and fundraising events with her husband. And all of these require an occasion wardrobe to match — think polished, elegant cocktail dresses and skirts that play up luxe textures and eye-catching details.

"My general style is pretty simplistic and usually casual," Cindy noted. "My everyday pieces are usually shorts or jeans and a t-shirt. I’m excited to start stepping out of my comfort zone and kick my wardrobe up a notch or two. I definitely want to elevate my wardrobe with more sophisticated pieces that I can wear to high-end restaurants and corporate events, as well as more formal dresses that I can wear to gala fundraisers for causes I support." With this in mind, she turned to the Lauren Ralph Lauren Fall 2019 collection.


No kids in the house means every night can be date night for Cindy and her husband! "I really enjoy going out to nice restaurants, and we've been meeting up with a few other couples for dinner when we can," Cindy shared. For nights like these, Cindy loves playing up feminine polish by reaching for a skirt or dress. This satin shirtdress fits the bill. It's classically feminine with the cinched waist and A-line silhouette, but with a modern, edgy twist, thanks to the metallic gunmetal texture. "This outfit is great for going out to dinner with friends."


Another activity Cindy is excited to have more time to focus on is reconnecting with her girlfriends. "Last year I took a girls' trip with a few other moms in a similar stage in life," she noted. "We’re planning on making it a yearly tradition." With her second annual trip coming up this season, she's hoping to have a standout look ready to go. Enter this striking combo: a pleated skirt, wool sweater, and leather ankle boots. At first glance, it's a play on monochromatic hues, but look closely at the details and the outfit comes to life. Between the subtle plaid pattern on the sweater and the silver metallic pleats on the skirt, this get-up is both eye-catching and playful. "This outfit would work well going out to dinner during the cooler nights of Fall," she said. Plus, she can easily create new looks by wearing the pieces separately, whether on vacation or at home.


Cindy and her husband attend quite a few fundraisers during the year, but with the holiday season coming up, their social calendar is set to fill up, fast. For these occasions, a sophisticated evening dress is essential to have on-hand. Between the rich color, luxurious fabric, and figure-hugging silhouette, this velvet wrap dress is glamorous, sultry, and flattering — everything you want for a night out. Cindy agrees: "This velvet dress is perfect for a fundraiser gala or a holiday party."

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