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How to Wear the adidas Believe This Tights

These 3 Women Live in These Leggings — Here's Why They're Forever Favorites

When workout clothes make you feel this good, they deserve to be worn outside the gym. We've partnered with adidas to show you why three women love the new adidas Believe This 2.0 Tights, and how they each make them their own.

When it comes to our relationship with clothing, we stan a long-term commitment with our favorite pieces. And perhaps nothing is more relationship material than leggings. They're supportive, reliable, accommodating, and most importantly make us feel comfortable and confident — basically, everything we'd want in a good partner. This season, we enlisted three POPSUGAR ladies to share their love stories with their forever leggings: the adidas Believe This 2.0 tights.

Between making a big impact in their lives and allowing them to feel like their best selves, it's easy to see why these tights have won the love of these women. Plus, anything you can wear to a workout and then straight to work or dinner we fully cosign! Ahead, get a peek into how the three of them each do life together with their beloved adidas tights.


For Katie, POPSUGAR's director of client services, a regular workday involves constantly being on the go, between her morning walk and a full day on set to oversee her clients' campaigns. When you're on the move as much as she is, you need to wear pieces that can keep up and help you thrive. She's loyal to the Believe This 2.0 Tights since they eliminate distractions (no tugging and pulling with these) and keep her feeling secure and supported so she can get her job done — and then some.

First up, she gets in her daily steps with a brisk morning walk around the neighborhood. "Juggling projects and deadlines can get overwhelming and I use my morning walks as a time to recalibrate and clear my head," she said.

Being in a creative field means Katie has the luxury of walking straight from her workout to the day's photo shoot set without having to change. "Being comfortable in what I'm wearing frees up my mind to focus on work," she shared. I feel like myself no matter what I’m doing," she shared.


It's clear from Kahnita's official job title as POPSUGAR fitness producer — and unofficial job title as resident fitness guru — that fitness is a big part of her day-to-day life. And just as you'd expect, wearing leggings is one perk of the job! But Kahnita turns to her versatile Believe This 2.0 Tights even when she's not working. Because of their wear-everywhere design and made-to-move fit, they're her go-to choice of attire for weekends spent enjoying all her city has to offer, exercise-related or not.

"Connecting with nature is very important to me and I make it a priority no matter what the week throws at me," she shared. "I try to make a habit of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life on the weekends. Venturing out to one of the many hiking trails in and around LA helps me quiet my mind, take in the beautiful scenery, and recharge with some fresh air."

And from there, the adventure doesn't stop! She'll often continue on to hit up the farmer's market or spend the afternoon perusing many of the city's vintage shops to hunt for treasures, all in her favorite tights. "These tights have a classic design, which makes them the perfect staple piece to transition outfits depending on my activities. The non-sheer material of these leggings gives me peace of mind that nothing will show through. On top of that, they're so supportive and have that 'held in' feeling that can keep up with everything I do."


As a fashion-lover and POPSUGAR's style editor, Stephanie's job often revolves around exploring the hottest trends and latest pieces. But as much as she loves those Fashion-Week-worthy looks, what she appreciates above all else in her daily life is comfort and practicality — basically, anything that can streamline her process but still leave her looking and feeling her best. She loves the Believe This 2.0 Tights for this exact reason. They accommodate her fitness goals without sacrificing her personal style, and can seamlessly transition from working out to going out.

"I always feel accomplished, physically and mentally, after crushing a yoga class, so I try to make it a priority to attend a couple times a week after work," she noted.

And sometimes, she'll extend the feel-good vibes with a happy hour or casual dinner with her friends, tights and all. "With a little creative style, these tights can actually work so well for a night out. The flattering high-rise fit and edgy three-stripe design have that effortless cool factor I like in my outfits, but with the comfort of a second skin. They're sleek and streamlined, and take me from an intense workout to a casual night out with ease."

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