How to Wear a Big Bag, Because We're Not All Here For the Tiny Bag Trend

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So, you're not here for Lizzo's tiny bag? You don't feel like giving the Jacquemus' Le Chiquito a try? Me neither, girl. Because I have STUFF. Stuff that ranges from Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Arctic Grape gum to the half-dollar-size key fob that lets me into my apartment. Also, as our Style Director Dana pointed out, the big bag is such a good look.

Bottega Veneta's oversize pouches have been making the rounds on fashion's elite (we love how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley styles the clutch), but there are so many other silhouettes to choose from. When you're toting this big-ass bag of the moment, you can hoist it up on the side of your hip, tuck it away under your arm, or grip it from the top and swing it down at your side. We even love Pernille Teisbaek's styling method for the jumbo shoulder bag — she spins the pouch to the back to achieve that "watch me as I go" look.

At the end of the day, the jumbo bag is great for so many reasons. Regardless of the shape you choose, you can fit all the things inside — if you're lucky, even your laptop — plus you get to try out all the really chic outfit ideas below. Oh, and I didn't even think I'd have to say it to convince you, but naturally, the girls with the big bags have the toned biceps from lifting all that weight, am I right? It's just science.

How to Carry an Oversize Clutch

Tuck it away under your arm, securing it neatly between the bracelets on your wrist and a '90s-style slip dress.

Use it to accent your tall boots and the belt on your outerwear, and swing it down at your side.

Choose a contrasting color so it pops against the rest of your outfit and clutch it against your hip.

How to Carry a Big Leather Tote Bag

Go for a monochrome outfit in tailored suit separates and allow the bag to swing by your boots as you grip it from the top handle.

Swing it over your shoulder and keep the rest of your accessories minimal so your outfit seems as effortless as possible. Key tip: wear flats or a sturdy boot.

How to Carry a Big Bowling Bag

Wear tough boots and a ribbed set and grip the bag from underneath, hoisting it up by your hip.

Wear a minidress and leather knee-high boots, swinging the bag down by your knees and gripping firmly from both handles.

How to Carry an Oversize Shoulder Bag

Slip the bag of your shoulder and swing the pouch toward the back, so passersby can check out your bag as you leave. This ensures that, regardless of whatever else you've got going on in your look — we see you, crinkled leather trench and slit pants — the bag is the focal point.

If your shoulder bag is textured — think furry or feathered — or you're wearing a hat, swing it down by your side instead of carrying it the typical way, so onlookers can slowly take in your outfit, tracing your look from head to toe.

How to Carry a Big Shopper Bag

The shopper bag outfit is carefree, so try it with a swingy dress in a bright color and sandals. Wear a long necklace for a bohemian feel, and swing the bag over your shoulder.

Contrast the simple shopper bag with a luxe-looking coat and play with bright colors. This will instantly elevate your shopper and make it seem much more than a grocery bag.

How to Carry an Oversize Vacation Bag

If your vacation bag comes in a geometric shape or straw material, try it with a ruched minidress and simple, barely-there sandals. The dress and statement bag make for a perfect, easy-to-style pairing when you don't want to overthink things.

Contrast prints to make your beach bag look seem more fun and spontaneous than polished and street-ready.

Our Pick: Mango Maxi Fringe Bag

Our Pick: Mango Maxi Fringe Bag

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