Next to Naked, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Upstage Just About Everything Else in Calvin Klein's New Campaign

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin don't have to do a whole lot to make news — frankly, a frozen yogurt run in their sweatpants could excite fans — so when Calvin Klein released its latest campaign starring the newlyweds in next to nothing, we thought, yeah, this is pretty major. To celebrate Calvin Klein's 50th anniversary, the brand enlisted celebs like Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky, but the Biebers, sitting side by side in their coordinating Calvins and later locking lips, may be all anyone can really focus on.

The sexy campaign comes just days after the couple's second wedding, which seems like pretty perfect timing. Now, if you can manage to take your eyes off the hot couple, you might also notice Calvin Klein's CK50 capsule collection making an appearance throughout the video. After all, that is what the campaign's all about . . . the clothes.