Kim Kardashian Went as Elle Woods For Halloween, Because She's Studying to Be a Lawyer, Duh

Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed, and Kim Kardashian definitely seems to agree this Halloween — just look at her gorgeous Elle Woods costume! The law student wore head-to-toe Barbie pink for the Legally Blonde-inspired look and accessorized the satiny slip dress with a blond wig, a french manicure, sunglasses, a fluffy pink pen, a Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Necklace ($600), a Tiffany & Co. Charm Bracelet ($335), and her own version of Bruiser, Elle's equally stylish purse dog. As if one costume weren't enough, the law student also wore her own version of Elle's green sequined bikini — Kim even re-created Elle's Harvard video essay! (What, like it's hard?) See the full, glamorous look here.