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Kim Kardashian Talks Best and Worst Fashion Trends Video

Kim Kardashian Gives Her Opinion on This Season's Best and Worst Fashion Trends

If we know anything about Kim Kardashian, it's that she'll gladly sport a pair of biker shorts any day — can't say the same about bucket hats, though. In a recent video for Harper's Bazaar, the reality star and SKIMS creator spoke briefly about a few of her favorite (and least favorite) trends from the last year.

The four-minute video sees Kim giving her opinion on everything from exposed thongs (hot) to milkmaid dresses (not), and we'll admit that we were a little bit surprised to hear what she had to say about a select few. She surprisingly isn't super into wearing sandals, though she will opt to throw on a pair of Birkenstocks if given the choice. Check out the full video above to see how Kim feels about other popular fashion trends.

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