My Sweatshirt Rotation Is Shaking Over This NBA Player's Supertrendy At-Home Outfits

The NBA season might be on hiatus, but one player is still making the crowd go absolutely wild from his own home. Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is no stranger to supertrendy outfits, whether it's at stylish events like the Vanity Fair Oscars party or his pregame outfits entering an arena, but his recent ensembles have had his followers in awe, and I myself am impressed. Personally, all this time spent at home has made it hard to remember a time I wasn't rotating between five sweatshirt-sweatpants combinations, but Kyle's fancy looks have me rethinking this whole "wearing real clothes" concept.

The 24-year-old baller has been rocking white ripped jeans just to "head to dinner downstairs," and he even sported a hot-pink suit for a midday mirror picture. As we navigate this new world of spending all hours of the day in the comfort of our own homes, maybe Kyle's onto something by not just wearing comfortable clothes. My closet might not have the range that his does, but switching up my sweatshirt-spandex uniform into something nicer might help me feel a little less . . . at home.

During a time when fans aren't able to cheer for their favorite athletes during games, I can definitely applaud the fabulously trendy outfits Kyle's been putting together at home. Check out some of the stylish looks he's been rocking ahead, and prepare to be impressed.

Nothing Like Some Ripped White Jeans For a Big Dinner Downstairs!

"Headed to dinner downstairs," Kyle wrote on Instagram, giving fans a look inside his impressive closet. I personally think my family would have to pick their jaws up off the floor if I waltzed downstairs for dinner sporting a pink jacket and a variety of edgy sunglasses, but I'm not Kyle Kuzma!

Easter Sunday Wasn't Complete Without a Matching Tie-Dye Outfit

Whether it's a matching set of workout clothes, a tie-dye sweatsuit, or simply a monochromatic groutfit, we're all loving the matching ensembles people are rocking at home. Kyle took this to a new level on Easter Sunday with his tie-dye hoodie-shorts combination. My favorite part? (Besides the cute puppy, of course.) The matching Puma Easter kicks.

Wait, You Don't Rock Trendy Hot-Pink Suits at Home?

For a series with GQ, Kyle rocked a hot-pink suit with a mock turtleneck, and my closet of sweatpants instantly started shaking. In the post, Kyle described the outfit as "a preview of what's to come in spring suiting and my closet . . . Stay tuned!" I can't wait!

He also reassured fans that he wasn't just rocking this for a day of Netflix and hanging out. "I wouldn't waste this outfit on just anything, to be clear!" he said when asked about the dream destination for this out-there look. "I'd definitely have to rock this to a premiere, a launch party, or a Friday night when I'm clocking into work!"